ThinkMarin is your resource to finding the BEST teachers, tutors, and group tutoring classes in Marin County.

The mission of ThinkMarin is to support students to enhance their academic performance with our network of professional educators and academic consultants.

Our goal is to provide a network for parents and students to access academic support including group classes, one on one tutoring, test prep and parent education. We partner with the best services in our community to help students achieve their educational goals. ThinkMarin understands learning takes place in more than just the classroom so we share our resources not only to empower students, but educate parents.

Since we aim to serve the whole community, ThinkMarin offers group classes on a sliding scale, or even full scholarships for those who qualify for financial assistance.

All of the instructors at ThinkMarin are accredited Marin County teachers. Our tutors and class instructors teach, or have taught courses in the same subject but from a neighboring Marin County School. This ensures no conflict of interest and the instructor is intimately involved in the subject matter.