Meet the Candidates: Andrea Pierpont

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Welcome to our Meet the Candidates profile blog: An introduction to the leaders in our community running for school board office.

Meet Andrea Pierpont

Andrea Sept 2010

Which Marin School Board are you running for?

AP: Larkspur-Corte Madera School Board.


How long have you lived in Marin County?

AP: Our family has lived in the Madera Gardens neighborhood of Corte Madera for 14 years.


How many children do you have in this school district?

AP: We have two daughters at Hall Middle School who started in the District in Kindergarten at Neil Cummins.


What are the biggest challenges facing the district now and in the next 5 years?

  • Ensuring we are meeting the personalized/individualized needs of our students in a changing instructional environment
  • Integration of a new, third educational facility in the district (Cove Elementary) and the assimilation of children, staff, community to this new physical location.  Attention to changes (cultural, physical) at existing facilities, too
  • Growing enrollment
  • Passing the second facilities bond to complete work scheduled at the three schools in the district
  • Support for all involved in transitioning our curriculum and assessments to the Common Core Standards and recognizing teachers need time for professional development
  • Sustaining fiscal integrity while adapting the Local Control Funding Formula
  • Effective communication with all of our constituents


What do you think are the district’s greatest strengths?

  • Desire to provide an excellent educational experience to all children who enter our schools
  • Visionary leadership
  • Productive school board
  • Excellent teachers
  • Involved and engaged parents
  • Healthy Foundation and Active PTA’s
  • Being adaptive to change


What would you say are the district’s greatest weaknesses?

  • Budget constraints
  • Lack of time for teacher professional development, especially, for example, during the Common Core Standards shift in curriculum, assessments, and instruction


Why are you running?

  • I felt a call to service.  I surprised myself by really enjoying leading the Measure A facilities bond campaign in 2011, it gave me a chance to interact with our school community, businesses, and resident community members more broadly.
  • I want to help the District with a smooth successful integration of a third campus in our district while not forgetting the attention needed at our existing facilities.
  • I have always enjoyed volunteer opportunities at Neil Cummins and Hall and working with the administration, staff, and students.  The trustee role is coming at the right time for me to serve and feels like the right next step in my interest in making a broader impact.


What do you feel you would bring to the school board that makes you unique?

Years in the district volunteering in the classrooms, interacting with teachers, serving on school boards, community work on the facilities bond, my keen attention and interest in how my own children enjoy/behave/thrive/struggle in a school setting, my interest in breaking down problems and finding solutions, and my genuine belief that we have an amazing school district and community.


What would be your main goals as a trustee during your tenure on the board?

  • Make sure we are always keeping the best interests of the student learners as our top priority
  • Be an active listener
  • Be an attentive learner
  • Be a thoughtful, collaborative, action-oriented member on a productive school board
  • Positively guide our District through the dynamic transitions we have right in front of us including facilities, state standards and curriculum, technology and art integration, budget, staff development, community engagement

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