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Welcome to our Meet the Candidates profile blog: An introduction to the leaders in our community running for school board office.

Meet Laura Anderson


Which Marin School Board are you running for?

LA: Tamalpais Union High School District.


How long have you lived in Marin County?

LA: 10 years.


How many children do you have in this school district?

LA: Two. Our oldest child graduated from Redwood last year. One child is a senior at Redwood, the other a freshman at Redwood.


What are the biggest challenges facing the district now and in the next 5 years?

Enrollment is projected to increase by 1000 students in the next 5 years.  In a Basic Aid district such as TUHSD, more students does not equate to more dollars/pupil.  The governance team will have to manage the budget in such a way that the fewest numbers of people are impacted and students’ learning remains the primary focus.

Another challenge is implementation of the Common Core State Standards.  This will require clear communication between and among the board, administration, teachers, parents, students, and feeder districts.  We all need to have a voice and keep the focus on what’s best for all students.


What do you think are the district’s greatest strengths?

The outstanding teachers are by far and away the district’s greatest strength.  They are led by a very strong administrative team and supported by excellent classified staff.  The variety of classes and programs across the district satisfy students’ interests and abilities.  Facilities at all 5 schools are in great shape thanks to community support.


What would you say are the district’s greatest weaknesses?

It seems to me that the lines of communication among all stakeholders could be improved. In addition, like other districts across the country, we face an achievement gap that must continue to be addressed.


Why are you running?

I am passionate about public school education; every child deserves the opportunity to learn and achieve.  I would like to play a role in that goal and feel I have the qualifications and skill set necessary to be a trustee.  I also decided to throw my hat in the ring because I feel we need parents of current students on the board.


What do you feel you would bring to the school board that makes you unique?

I have two children enrolled in the district, one a freshman and one a senior.  I also have a recent graduate.  Their unique experiences give me a very real feel for what’s happening in the district.  I have held many leadership roles in the community, including board positions at the elementary, middle, and high school sites.  Most recently, I Co-Chaired the successful 2011 parcel tax renewal campaign for the district.  In all of these roles, I collaborated with my colleagues, asked questions, listened to input, and balanced budgets.  The focus was always on “what’s best for the students?”


What would be your main goals as a trustee during your tenure on the board?

My goals would be to:

  • keep the focus on the learning and achievement of all students
  • improve the lines of communication among all stakeholders
  • try to narrow the achievement gap
  • maintain a healthy budget that is aligned with district vision


You can read more about Laura and her campaign at her website:

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