Is Getting Organized Your 2014 Resolution? Three Quick Organization Tips for Middle School Students

One of ThinkMarin’s newest team members, Ryan Roseberry shares 3 tips on how to get organized this year. Ryan has over a decade of experience teaching English and History at the middle school level and currently teaches 7th Grade Humanities and Strategies at Del Mar Middle School. Ryan is leading an Organizational Skills and Project Based Learning Class for ThinkMarin.

Welcome Ryan and thanks for the tips!

Schedule time to do homework

Schedule time to do homework

1. Schedule a time to do your homework.

You are the expert when it comes to understanding your own schedule. Based on any extra-curricular activities you have and when you get home each day, develop a schedule for doing your homework that enables you to effectively complete it. Select a specific place in the house where you are able to stay focused on your work, and decide what time you should start your homework and approximately how long it should take you. Depending on how you work best, you may choose to begin with your easiest homework, your hardest homework, or your homework that isdue the soonest.


2. Use a planner from the beginning of the school year.

Whether you use a paper planner or an electronic planner, having a place to

Write it down!

Write it down!

organize your schedule is one of the most important tools you can develop as a middle school student. Make sure you jot down dates for tests, projects, important assignments and after-school activities. Keep your planner updated and plan further than just one week in advance. The more organized your schedule is, the more you will be able to structure your time.


3. Always ask your teachers for help.

Teachers are your best resource for helping you get the information and guidance Teacher and Student In A Classroom At Schoolyou need to excel in the classroom. Learning how to advocate for is an important skill for middle school students to develop. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand, to go to the teacher before or after class, or to contact your teacher to ask for clarification or additional instructions. Though it may be intimidating at first, learning how and when to ask teachers for help can be one of the most effective skills you can develop.

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