Tips for a successful school year – from ThinkMarin

Write it down!

Write it down!

We all want to hang on to the last days of summer, but it is time to get back to school. Shake out the beach towel, hang up the bathing suit and follow a few tips to ease into the school year.

  • Plan and reset your daily schedule

Slowly reset your own time clock. Move your bedtime and time you get up a little earlier each day. Find a daily calendar that works for you- it can be paper, electronic or a whiteboard- just use it! Schedule out your daily activities include school, sports/extracurricular activities, study time and downtime. If you are moving to a new school try to visit the campus before school starts and study a school map once you get your schedule.

  • Organize a Workspace

office desk in hallway and clever

Find a good location in your home to study and organize the space. De-clutter the work area and have supplies close by. Most important is to have a system to keep your work organized. It can be an accordion file, plastic folders for each subject or your laptop and scanner. There are many ways to organize your work- find your system and use it!

  • Get in the right Mindset

Review last year. What were your strengths? Where did you need help? Try to capitalize on what worked best for you and ask for help where you need it. Sign up for an organizational skills class, hire a tutor or talk with an educational consultant to help plan an educational roadmap. Getting extra support early will help you start of strong and stay ahead. Don’t forget to set goals for yourself and check them off the list!


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