Group Classes

“We had a private tutor coming to our home before we tried a ThinkMarin group class. Even though we really liked our private tutor, my daughter felt she learned so much more in the group setting”  Parent of an 8th grade Math student

3201104_mThinkMarin offers small group tutoring classes of six students or fewer which targets course specific curriculum.  Each of these group sessions are led by an accredited teacher who teaches or has taught the subject at a neighboring Marin school.  This model ensures the tutor has in depth knowledge of class curriculum and knows first hand what is expected of the student to excel. The group class provides targeted review of the weekly class assignments, in depth explanation of the subject matter, preview of material to come and test prep for all exams and quizzes.

ThinkMarin also provides group enrichment classes to help students master specific skills. We follow the model of having an accredited teacher lead the session, but for our enrichment classes, we focus on sharpening specific skills; how to write a research paper, learning math facts or learning to tackle complex equations utilizing multiple tools. Some of our enrichment classes may have up to 10 students per class.

The group environment helps students in various ways;

  • Build confidence- students realize they are not the only one who might need a little extra help. Even the brightest kids in the class are wanting a little extra support!
  • Gives students a safe place to ask questions –  students tend to be reluctant to ask a questions of their teachers in a large class setting yet will raise their hand in the smaller group environment.
  • Helps students articulate the answer – We promote having our students explain to their peers how they derived their answer. This helps the student retain the information, and the other in the class hear how to tackle the problem from a different perspective.

For a detailed description of each class view the appropriate class page; elementary, middle or high school group class page.

If class enrollment falls below 3 students, an additional fee may apply.