What differentiates ThinkMarin from other tutoring services is that we hire the BEST teachers.

All of the instructors at ThinkMarin are accredited Marin County teachers.  Our group tutoring classes are led by instructors who are currently teaching or have taught the same subject but from a neighboring Marin County School.  This ensures no conflict of interest and the instructor is intimately involved in the subject matter.  Many of ThinkMarin’s AP instructors are consultants to College Board and assist in the grading of the national AP exams.


Meet ThinkMarin Instructors

  •  Mitch Cohen – Mitch Cohen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology from C.U. Boulder, and a Master’s Degree in Education from Stanford University. He has been a professional educator for over 23 years. He is currently in his 6th year of teaching AP Environmental Science at Redwood High School.  When not in the classroom he enjoys surfing, mountain biking, and international travel.
  • Zachary Barnes – Zachary has taught secondary math for fourteen years. He has taught both middle school and high school in New Mexico, Pennsylvania and California.  He brings an enthusiasm for teaching as well as mathematics. Zachary believes that all students have the tools to succeed. Zachary is especially interested in the connections between mathematics and music: patterns, ratios of harmonies, structure, sine waves. He believes the creative applications of math are particularly fascinating and make life richer.
  • Ernesto Diaz – Ernesto is a published author, multilingual educator, management executive, and award winning ranked higher education academic. He holds Engineering degrees in Electronics from the Universidad Simon Bolivar in Venezuela, as well as in Industrial Engineering Professional Certification for the European Union from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid in Spain. He completed graduate work at the Executive Program at UC Berkeley – Haas School of Business, and at Dominican University of California. Diaz is currently teaching Mathematics in the TUHSD, where he has been faculty since 2005 (Topics in Modern Mathematics, Precalculus, Honors Advanced Algebra, Geometry, Economics and Business Mathematics) ; and at Dominican University of California since 2006, where he is Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Department (Calculus with Analytic Geometry, Precalculus, and College Algebra among other courses).
  • Meg Fitzgerald – Meg has a degree in computer science and education from Boston College.  For 15 years she taught 4th and 5th grade at Ross School and Kent Middle School.  She spent three years teaching middle school math on Cape Cod at one of the first charters in the country.    While at Ross School, Meg’s math and science classroom was chosen as a  research site by Apple Computer Multimedia Lab and the Exploratorium.  Together they collaborated to develop and study technology based learning and cognition.
  • Sue Fox – Sue has an Aquatic Biology degree from UC Santa Barbara.  She has taught science in the Tam District for 20 years.  Early on Sue created Drake’s Environmental Academy: SEA-DISC.  In doing so, she wrote the District’s original Course of Study for both Environmental Science and AP Environmental Science.  Sue has taught AP Environmental for as long as it has existed, 1998 and has received a Golden Bell Award for SEA-DISC.  Sue is known for using a variety of techniques to support  students in mastering the curriculum and preparing for the AP Exam.  Most of all, Sue enjoys helping students learn.
  • Laura Garrett –  Laura teaches AP US History at Tamalpais High School, where she has been teaching US History, World History, Women’s History, and Academic Workshop for more than 10 years. She has served as a mentor to student teachers and beginning teachers, and she has twenty years of experience as a private tutor helping students in history, writing, and academic organization. Laura earned her BA in History from UC Davis and her Master’s Degree in History from San Francisco State University. In addition, Laura worked as a researcher for the Smithsonian Institution and is trained in the fields of archival research, historical document preservation, genealogy, and oral history. Laura Garrett won the Educator of Distinction Award from the Coca Cola Foundation in 2014.
  • Steve Hettleman – Steve has taught in the Tam District for 18 years, having served as the Department Chair for six years.  He has taught AP Language and Composition for eight years and has been invited to the AP Scoring in Louisville as a reader for the past two years.  In addition to teaching at Redwood, Steve taught as an adjunct professor in Dominican University’s Teacher Credential Program.  He has co-authored two books with The Great Books Foundation, The Reader’s Guide to The Scarlet Letter and The Reader’s Guide to The Autobiography of Frederick Douglass.
  • Maggy Hughes – Maggy graduated Phi Beta Kappa with Honors in English from Northwestern University.  She earned a law degree from UC Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall) and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Sonoma State University.  Maggy has over twenty years’ experience as a teacher, school administrator, and counselor, including six years as a teacher of 8th grade English at San Domenico Middle School.  Maggy has worked with students of all abilities and learning styles from kindergarten through law school.  Now a tutor and writing coach, Maggy helps students succeed in their history, literature, philosophy, composition, and Latin courses (grade level, honors, and AP) and prepare for the SAT and ACT.  She specializes in helping experienced and inexperienced writers improve their performance on analytical essays, research papers, and timed in-class assignments (such as the SAT essay).
  • Mike Kelemen – Mike has over 20 years experience teaching social studies and 16 years teaching AP US History. Over 85% of the 750+ students in his AP classes have achieved passing scores on the AP national exams.  Mike has participated in the national scoring of AP US exams three times and attended numerous trainings on teaching the course.  He has been a Mentor Teacher supporting new hires in the Tam district from various subject areas for 8 years.  Mike received a double major in History and Economics from UC Davis. In addition to classroom teaching, Mike enjoys coaching basketball, golf and track & field at various levels.
  • Mariana Lopez –  Mariana began her teaching career in Venezuela in 1999 where she was the program director for the After Schools English Club, and worked up to be the Assistant Vice Principal of an elementary school in Caracas, Venezuela. She spent her extra time tutoring children with Attention Deficit Disorders, and summers were spent as a Camp Director. When she came to the US, she worked as a Spanish teacher for Central Elementary school in Westchester New York, then moved to Miami where she was Program Manager for Gulf Coast Jewish Family Services- Refugee Youth and Family Program. Among her many duties, she coordinated and developed extended learning opportunities for the refugee youth. Mariana moved to Marin County in 2009 and has been the Program Coordinator for Bay Area Community Resources at San Pedro Elementary school. Marinana has also acted as Program Coordinator for Head Start- Summer Bridge and is a translator for Matrix Parent Network. She has enjoyed tutoring students of all ages and learning styles throughout her career in both Spanish and organizational skills.
  •  Mick O’Meara – Mick is an exemplary master teacher of biology and chemistry with 37 years of experience teaching high school students. Mick joined the Tamalpais faculty in the fall 2012 after 32 years at Sonoma Valley HS as biology, chemistry and AP Chemistry teacher. While at Sonoma Valley HS, Mick served as Science Department Head, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach while teaching a full load of science classes. Assisted countless students to become successful in science especially chemistry. Mick started the AP chemistry program at Sonoma Valley HS in 2006, and has attended yearly conferences to stay current with the AP Chemistry curriculum. Mick’s degrees include: B.S. Biology from Santa Clara University, minor in Chemistry, Secondary Teaching credential- Humboldt State University, M.S. Educational Administration-Sonoma State University. Master Teacher for student teachers, Dominican University and Sonoma State University.
  • Ryan Roseberry – Ryan is a National Board Certified 7th Grade Humanities and Strategies teacher at Del Mar Middle School. He holds a BA in English and received his Masters in Professional Communication from Clemson University. Ryan has over a decade of experience teaching English and History at the middle school level; as well as teaching English, Communication, and Speech courses at the collegiate and university level.
  • Melissa Stephens – Melissa has been a credentialed teacher in the Kentfield School District since 1994.  She has taught grades 3,4,5, a 3-4 combo, Drama, English Language for grades 6-8 and is the student activities director at Kent Middle School.  She has been an integral part of the Language Arts curriculum team for the past 8 years and was a part of the committee that created the application that earned Kent Middle School the Distinguished Schools Award in 2013.  She has also written and published a children’s book that is currently being used by therapists across the country to help children who have faced abuse to move forward and heal.  Her love of children is evident in the lifelong connections she makes with her students and the passion and love she brings to her classroom each day.
  • Karen Swett – Teaching is a passion for Karen.  She is a 3rd generation teacher, her father having taught special education for 40+ years and her grandmother a private teacher/tutor to the Wrigley children (Wrigley Field/gum).  Though Karen has taught elementary and junior high school, 13 of her 18 classroom years were spent teaching pre-algebra, algebra and geometry at the high school level in Marin and San Francisco.  Karen holds credentials in both Mathematics and Geoscience and earned BS/BA in Geology/Liberal Studies with a minor in mathematics from SJSU and CSU Chico.  Karen collaborated with West Ed on State Standard lessons and assessments and was the liaison to her district for several years after the introduction to No Child Left Behind.  Karen also collaborated with SFSU as a master teacher training several student teachers in their credential program.  Karen now tutors fulltime, enjoying small groups and 1-to-1 interaction with students.
  • Ann Tepovich – Ann has a BA in both Economics and History from San Francisco State, and a single subject credential and Masters in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Dominican University and is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher.  The focus of Ann’s Masters’ work was research in building persistence and skills for at-risk high school students.  In her 19 year tenure at Redwood High School, Ann has taught all of the courses in the Social Studies Department but her main focus is  AP European History and AP Economics – Micro and Macro and has served as a reader and grader of AP Exams for the College Board.
  •  Mary Wuerth – Mary teaches AP Biology at Tamalpais High School in Mill Valley.  She is a faculty consultant to the College Board and has trained AP Biology teachers both in the US and internationally on the revisions to the AP Biology course and the redesign of the exam.  Mary has served as a reader and table leader for the scoring of the AP Biology essays, and is very familiar with what students need to succeed on the AP Biology exam.  Mary earned her B.S. in Biochemistry from UCLA, did graduate work in Cellular and Molecular Biology at SFSU, and worked in neurobiology research before beginning her teaching career.  She was selected to be one of 25 Lead Teachers for WGBH-TV’s Evolution Project and was awarded a RadioShack National Teacher Award for the use of technology in the classroom.  Mary won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching in 2003.