Don’t take it from us; listen to what our students and parents have to say!


“Thanks for helping us find a very helpful chemistry tutor. My daughter finished the semester with an 87!”

Parent of a Junior at MC


“We had a private tutor coming to our home before we tried a ThinkMarin group class. Even though we really liked our private tutor, my daughter felt she learned so much more in the group setting. We decided to skip the private tutor, and continue with the ThinkMarin group class. I’m glad we did since her grades have really turned around!”

Kent 8th Grade Math Parent


My daughter, a high school junior, enjoyed personalized, in-depth tutoring for the AP Language and Composition test with one of the most highly regarded English teachers in Marin County.  As this teacher has also been an AP test grader, they were able to concentrate on exactly what he knew would be covered on the test.  Because of the individualized approach, the dynamic exchange of ideas and the ability to specifically address what my daughter needed made the tutoring sessions so valuable, and very enjoyable.  My daughter came home from her sessions enthusiastic and positive.  ThinkMarin did a great job arranging the logistics, making it very easy, convenient, and affordable for us.  We will absolutely use ThinkMarin again for both of my high school daughters. Thanks, Heather and Allie!”

Parent of a Junior at Redwood


“I really wasn’t sure why my tutor set aside time to preview what my teacher was going to explain in class the next week. I then realized when the teacher introduced the new material in class; I was the only one who ‘got it’. The preview really helped”

Kent 8th Grade Math Student


“My daughter comes home skipping after her session with Steve. She has gone from feeling stressed about her AP English Composition class to loving it.”

Parent of a Junior at Redwood


“I’m a good student; I just wasn’t feeling confident in my Honors Precalculus class. Mr. Diaz really helped me feel like I could master the class and keep up my GPA.”

Junior at Marin Academy


“Callie went from dark and stormy to joyful today! She loved the the tutor!”

Niel Cummins 4th Grade Math Parent


“First thing my son said when he got in the car, “I learned soooo much!”.  He said he learned what he would learn in a week in this one session!  I am thrilled. Said Karen is great teacher and nice.  What could be better.”
Del Mar 8th Grade Algebra Parent

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